Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Differentiated Instruction

Capstone Instructor

Julie Gartrell

Second Reader

Donna Asleson


English-Language Learners, ELL, second language acquisition, natural language development instructional method


This study was conducted to determine if differentiating the writing process by using a natural language development instructional method would improve the writing skills of English-Language Learners (ELL). The research included in this paper was completed in order to address two key issues: a) how ELL's develop written language skills, and b) how differentiating instruction can aid them in better written communication.

If we are to help young children break the code of written language, then we need to take our cue from the way they develop language. All children go through a natural language process regardless of language ability. This process includes all language development skills starting with oral acquisition skills, visualization, and finally reading.

I wanted to create a method that would help students who are English Language Learners develop their writing skills through a natural language learning process.


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