Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Barbara Schoenbeck

Second Reader

Cecelia Westby


early childhood education, retention, training, staffing, job satisfaction, new teacher orientation


The field of early childhood education continually faces the challenge of education and retaining qualified personnel. This paper addresses the challenge by suggesting that new teacher orientation be looked at one way to support teachers in their professional development and longevity within a program. The paper outlines four essential components to be included in the design of new teacher orientation. Included is an Orientation Curriculum Manual based upon the four components that offers a two week orientation schedule with resources provided.

A literature review done in the field found few resources that aided administrators of early childhood programs in how to design and implement new teacher orientation. The literature also failed to speak to the impact orientation plays on the effectiveness and retention of teachers within the field. As a result, concepts and studies were integrated from the field of human resources and business management. The paper and manual draw heavily upon the concepts of constructivist learning, adult learning styles, and participatory management.

As a new resource to the early childhood field, directors and leaders can take this information and build upon it to further study the implications of orientation on teacher success and retention and enhance the curriculum manual with additional resources. The paper and manual stress the need to rethink the definition of orientation. Both encourage directors to take a philosophical approach to orientation. The result will have an overall impact upon the quality of care provided to young children and ability to build a strong work environment within the early childhood education profession.


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