Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Lynn Gehrke

Second Reader

Cecelia Westby


early childhood education, curriculum development, developmentally appropriate practices, integrated curriculum


This project will consist of a handbook that will attempt to aid early childhood educators in understanding how and why a month-long theme approach using an eclectic curriculum provides an excellent strategy to use in educating young children. The literature that was studied will be used to support this project. This writer will also share her field experiences in using this approach.

A handbook will be created that will inform early childhood educators about the basis for this strategy, its implementation, and its benefits to children. Examples of themes and a list of resources for ideas to use in carrying out the month-long theme will also be included.

The project grows out of this writer's work as the chairperson of the Prince of Peace Lutheran School Association's (POPLSA) preschool committee and the director of Prince of Peace Lutheran Preschool. It will be used to guide, inform and explain the benefits of using this approach to teachers, aides, others working in POPLSA preschools and parents. It is also hoped that this project informs other early childhood educators of the benefits of using month long themes in an eclectic curriculum model.


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