Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



Capstone Instructor

Michael Walcheski

Second Reader

David Brusehoff


family life education, marriage education, overcoming family cycles


This project presents a curriculum for Family Life Educators and clergy who work with couples who are dating seriously, engaged couples, and married couples from all age groups, socioeconomic classes, and previous marriage histories and experiences where at least one partner is an adult child of divorce. It can be common for people in a romantic relationship to bring their experiences from their families of origin into their relationship. The focus of the curriculum is to provide information about overcoming family cycles, effective communication, and other skills and practices, which positively affect the marital satisfaction of those involved with the target population. Included in the curriculum is an increased knowledge about the interactions between spouses and each other and the interactions between spouses and others in their family and outside of their family. The curriculum is a means to establish understanding, commitment, and marital satisfaction in couples that participate in the program. It is my goal to give the tools necessary to adult children of divorce to ensure that their marriages are healthy and successful. It was found that there is a range of curricula for marriage education, but for this population, there has been a failure to meet their needs and focus on their particular plights.


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