Document Type



Master of Arts

Capstone Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Eugene Bunkowske

Reader (Advisor 2)

Paul Mueller

Reader (Advisor 3)

Phillip Johnson


This Capstone Project Paper will develop and evaluate a process for facilitating a change in the attitude of a Christian congregation toward the importance of building relationships as an element of outreach ministry. A two-pronged strategy involving the implementation of participatory relationship-building opportunities combined with education about the importance of relationships in Christian fellowship and how that affects one's mission- oriented participation in the congregation was used. Participatory events were developed and implemented, allowing attendees to experience the atmosphere intended for them to embrace. Education was presented formally to the congregational leaders and informally to the broad membership of the congregation. The research in this project was aimed at a preparatory level, cultivating attitudes and a climate that will be supportive of outreach-oriented ministry. It is hoped that this Capstone will provide a conceptual strategy for transforming attitudes in Christian congregations that will allow for the development of effective outreach-oriented ministry.


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