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Master of Arts

Capstone Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Mark Press

Reader (Advisor 2)

Eugene Bunkowske

Reader (Advisor 3)

Phillip Johnson


This E-Folio Capstone is a collection of outreach work accomplished through the Master of Arts in Christian Outreach program at Concordia St. Paul. Each section studies the subject of Christian outreach, whether from a personal or more general view. The first two sections are more personal in nature, as they deal with a professional resume and spiritual autobiography. The third section covers educational projects associated with past coursework for classes completed as part of the Master of Arts .in Christian Outreach program. Three projects are included from the Spiritual Leadership Formation, Evangelism in the Life of the Church, and Missio Dei courses. The final three sections deal with papers specifically assigned as thesis requirements for completion of the E-Folio Capstone. These papers include various outreach emphases detailing a personal ministry report, information about integrative practice in outreach work, and viewpoints on the philosophy of outreach. At the close, a reference cited section is included to collectively represent all citations throughout the entire capstone.


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