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Master of Arts

Capstone Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Eugene Bunkowske

Reader (Advisor 2)

Mark Press

Reader (Advisor 3)

Phillip Johnson


The navigational map of Christian missions is being redrawn. Both congregations and mission agencies are reevaluating and searching out new ways to revitalize the relationships that have defined Christian missional activities for the past 100 years. It is clear that neither entity is completely satisfied with what has become an unhealthy relationship characterized by dependence, impatience, mistrust, and fragmentation. To restore a healthier relationship leading to dynamic collaborations between congregations and mission agencies, the author suggests incorporating the elements of Vision Casting, Targeted Communication, Generational/Contextual Resources, Skilled Assistance, and Equal Partnerships into the relationship. By building healthier relationships through dynamic collaborations, congregations and mission agencies may complete each other rather than competing with each other in the Missio Dei.


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