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Master of Arts

Capstone Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Eugene Bunkowske

Reader (Advisor 2)

Mark Press

Reader (Advisor 3)

Phillip Johnson


There have been Christian witnessing efforts to Tibetans performed by various Christian mission agencies and individuals for hundreds of years, until 1959, when the Chinese government annexed Tibet. Many of these mission al efforts have been in Asia, primarily in an area once called Tibet. In the last 20 years, approximately 10,000 Tibetans have settled in North America, of whom there are an estimated 2,500 located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In my initial research it was identified by Tibetans and missionaries that of the 10,000 who live in North America, there are no more than three to four Tibetans who have come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. This research project was focused on identifying some of the movements and causes for effective and also ineffective means of witnessing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Tibetans in North America by examining their cultural changes and shifts through the Bunkowske Onion Diagram of Culture.


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