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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Charlotte Knoche


The purpose of this project was to assess the communication climate in the Composition Department at Merrill Corporation through research and analysis, and make a recommendation for improvement. The assessment is based on data received using the "Communication Evaluation Survey" (Appendix A) provided by Concordia University and on the Questionnaire Survey. The survey was intended to reflect how the personnel perceive the organization's communication climate.

The researcher was in a position to recommend to the organization how to improve communication internally. The researcher did not have the necessary authority to implement changes without consent of management, and, therefore, selected Option II as the outline format for this project.

Merrill Corporation's Composition Department conducts a nationwide operation, 24 hours a day. The hub of the company and the Composition Department is in St. Paul, Minnesota. The project intended to analyze how employees within Composition communicate with each other and to suggest measures which may improve communication.


Concordia School of Accelerated Learning


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