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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Monica Eden


The purpose of this option two project was to gather and analyze information in order to better understand why good crew members fail at becoming effective leaders in the Nath Minnesota Franchise group. Currently the company is experiencing a severe shortage in restaurant management personnel. The company must continually recruit management from outside the company despite the vast number of crew members working for them in the restaurants.

The projects objectives were: (1) to survey current managers in the Nath system to find out their opinions on the problem, (2) to receive responses from a minimum of seventy percent of those surveyed, (3) to compile data concerning the problem issue, and (4) to recommend the best alternatives to solve the problem of why good crew members are not becoming effective leaders at the Nath group.

The data collection instrument chosen by the researcher was an opinion survey. The questionnaire was distributed to the restaurant managers at the Nath group. The results of the survey helped the researcher to form hypotheses for the problem. The first hypothesis was that there were inadequate training materials available in the restaurants. The second hypothesis involved the researcher's prediction that there is not adequate time to train aspiring crew members. The third hypothesis centered around the current training department and their inability to handle all of the crew members with their current program. Finally, the fourth hypothesis addresses the issue of a reward system for those involved in the development of crew members.


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