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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Roberta Poetsch


The scope of the project was to implement a program that would support and encourage new employees in the HCL for at least a year after being hired. The technical aspect of analyzing and reporting results has already been implemented into the first eight weeks of training and at six months a test is required to make sure that new employees understand the technical aspects of the job. The program that exists is complete and will not be addressed in this project. The project will cover the personal aspects of new employees entering a new work area and how to make the transition smoother. The program would provide new employees with guidance, friendship, and enhancement of self-confidence and integrate them more readily into the already existing team. Types of solutions being considered were a mentorship program, orientation, apprenticeship, preceptor programs, and one-on-one training.


Concordia School of Accelerated Learning


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