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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Charlotte Knoche


Many things in life are precious to us; none more so than our children. For children under 16, accidents are the number one cause of death. This is especially true for farm children. Accidents on farms are becoming an increasing problem. With the economy in rural areas forcing mothers and fathers to leave the farm for employment, the tendency for children to become the hired hand is on the rise. Children are doing more and more on the farm. The equipment used on farms is usually old. Farm machinery, for the most part, lasts for many years. This means that the safety features that have been added to the newer machines are not present on most farms. Something needs to be done to put a halt to the rise in the number of deaths to farm children. In this report, the author will make a case study of Minnesota. By doing the research and exploring options, the researcher hopes to come up with a workable solution that, when implemented, will save lives of countless young Americans.


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