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Jan Eggersgluess


Due to the ease with which diabetes management is taught, the underlying stress and emotional despair that many young adults feel when diagnosed with diabetes is often overlooked. This paper is about the strengths and weaknesses of current methods of supporting young adults diagnosed with the disease and also deals with analyzing new approaches to the issue at hand. The need for this study has been formed by advancements in technology and information, as well as conflicting lifestyles that make accessibility a concern.

It is necessary to understand what is involved when the diagnosis is issued and also the effects after the shock has worn off. Children that are diagnosed with diabetes today will learn about daily insulin injections, blood glucose monitoring, diet restrictions and exercise regulation as an outpatient at the local hospital. Those involved will then go home and try to resume a new and different lifestyle. These are tremendous expectations, especially when the necessary emotional support is absent.

Being a diabetic myself for over twenty years, this researcher can relate to and empathize with many of the problems that teenagers with diabetes face today. It is in my opinion that a program that uses the efforts of experienced and concerned adult diabetics to provide an outlet for those who may be struggling with disease management could be very effective. Essentially, a method of mentoring would be used.

This paper will explain the reasons why this is important and also who will benefit. It was also established, through support from social workers and doctors, that new and ever-changing programs are essential in providing effective support to the teenage population. After the information given in this paper is analyzed, those who are able to make a change may feel more inclined to looking at a mentoring program.


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