Vint Lawrence Audio Journal #05, 7 January 1966


Vint Lawrence Audio Journal #05, 7 January 1966



Lawrence describes preparations for a visit from the King and his family to promote the Union of Lao Races campaign. He narrates to his family a walk through the terrain and hustle & bustle of Long Tieng. After recording a small amount of qeej playing, he walks into the “square” of Long Tieng, describing some of the buildings there before being interrupted by a rock band. After a pause, Lawrence records the Lao Army Band and then engages in a brief conversation with Vang Chou, also known as “General Direction.” He then wanders into a hall where people are dancing the lamvong before asking Major Ly Tou Pao to greet his family. Then more loud music forces him to stop the recorder. He then decides to walk into the village, which he describes, along with Hmong courtship practices. He finally locates someone playing the qeej again and records a bit before stopping again and finishing his tape back in his office, reflecting again on the impending visit of the King, Queen, and royal court.


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Vint Lawrence, Laos, Hmong



Vint Lawrence Audio Journal #05, 7 January 1966