Music Genre Selection on Enjoyment and Performance in CrossFit Athletes

Date of Award

Fall 10-25-2023

Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Exercise Science



First Advisor

Brenda Kehret

Second Advisor

Amanda Kelly


High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become one of the most popular fitness trends across the world and CrossFit is considered an alternative HIIT workout. There are studies that have shown that enjoyment and participation in exercise decrease during HIIT sessions. Music has been shown that when played during exercise, it can prompt positive emotions and heighten compliance. The objective of this study is to compare two music genres, electronic dance music (EDM) and hard rock, and if they positively influence enjoyment and performance. Fifteen experienced CrossFit athletes will be recruited to participate in two exercise sessions. One session would play EDM and the second session would play hard rock. Performance will be measured with the Borg Modified 11-point RPE Scale and the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES) will be used to measure enjoyment. Results should show that either or both music genres positively improved performance and/or enjoyment, negatively improved performance and/or enjoyment, or does not affect either variable. This study can help facilitate group CrossFit classes by improving their athletes’ mood and performance based on the type of music that is played during each session.

Keywords: CrossFit, music genre, high-intensity interval training, hard rock, EDM

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