The psychological and emotional effects of coach profanity in collegiate athletics

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Master of Science in Coaching and Athletic Administration



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Lana Huberty


Today there is a wide range of approaches that coaches use in order to connect with and motivate their athletes. Some coaches consider themselves to be reserved and believe that athletes can become motivated on their own through internal motivation. But what about the coaches that rely on external factors to motivate their players? How should coaches go about motivating their athletes and what is considered an appropriate approach? This study will investigate the practical approaches coaches use to motivate players with a specific focus on coaches who use vulgar language as part of their coaching technique. It may be found that athletes do not require a coach to get in their faces to motivate them, while others believe that screaming and the use of expletives can be motivating and can boost their performance. If conducted, findings from this paper will help coaches to better understand the best possible approaches and may also assist student-athletes to learn what they should look for in a coach who would best motivate them.

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