Efficacy of Prosthetic Foot, Knee, and Ankle Component Usage in the Extreme Sports of Cycling, Surfing, Snowboarding, and Skiing

Date of Award

Summer 6-18-2023

Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics



First Advisor

Darren Wiens


Prosthetic componentry has consistently progressed throughout the years as new technology is developed and tested to meet the high demands of our athletes. As more technology becomes available to us, it gives us the possibility to develop devices that will assist athletes in their specialized areas such as snowboarding, surfing, skiing, and cycling. Because of the extreme nature and conditions that these athletes perform in, devices must be made that are durable enough to endure large forces of impact, environmental factors, and be highly reliable. It is essential that the athlete is able to be confident in their prosthesis as this is their most important piece of equipment and failure of their device could prove to be very determinantal as the activities they perform often include high risk. In order for these devices to be developed and fine tuned so that the athlete can perform their tasks to the best of their ability, the movements and motions that are used in these sports must be studied, mimicked, and tested out by amputees with high levels of fitness. By utilizing different testing methods and questionnaires, engineers and prosthetists were able to gather data which aided in the development of sport specific prosthetic devices. The significance of developing these advanced devices is to provide the amputee with a safe, dependable tool that they are able to utilize while performing these extreme activities.

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