Is there an association between sarcopenia-related weakness and urinary incontinence measured by the QUID?

Date of Award

Spring 2-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Exercise Science



First Advisor

Brenda Davies


The United States Census Bureau estimates that by 2050 80 million individuals will be over 65 years old (Marty et al., 2017). It has been found that between the age of 40 to 80 years old, there is a 30-50% decline in total skeletal muscle mass with a 3% decline annually after 60 years old (Marty et al., 2017). Moreover, the prevalence of sarcopenia is estimated between 5-13% in community-dwelling individuals over the age of 65 years old with an even higher prevalence in those who are over the age of 80 years old or those who live in assisted living or hospitalized (Yu et al., 2016). Among the geriatric population, urinary incontinence and muscle weakness are common diagnoses that a physical therapist can come across. Since there is direct access to physical therapists who come across both dysfunctions, it can be helpful to find a tool for these clinicians to use to identify individuals at the risk of developing sarcopenia. Therefore, the proposed study seeks to identify if there is a meaningful relationship between the QUID and the diagnostic criteria for physical performance related to sarcopenia such as the TUG and the hand grip strength among the community-dwelling geriatric population. The purpose of the study highlights the importance of identifying those who are at risk for sarcopenia as it may negatively affect quality of life and function. It is of utmost importance to be able to distinguish the presence of sarcopenia in its initial stages to prevent the loss of muscle mass and to decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with it. With the use of the screening measures discussed in this study, it is cost-effective, non-invasive and readily available to practitioners, such as physical therapists, to screen for the risk of sarcopenia.

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