The Make-Up of High School Activities Directors in Minnesota: How Many Females and Minorities are Filling These Positions?

Date of Award

Summer 5-17-2023

Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Coaching and Athletic Administration



First Advisor

Lana Huberty


This study was designed to explore the current make-up of high school activities directors (ADs) in Minnesota. While the study will not investigate the reasons why there are fewer female and minority ADs, it will seek statistical data to show the diversity of ADs. In addition, this study will gather data on how many years the current ADs have held their position in an effort to see if white males stay in the position longer than their female and minority counterparts. The study will gather data relative to the size of the school and where the school was located to help understand if these factors influence the number of women and minorities that were ADs. While this study will be limited to high schools in Minnesota, further studies could investigate data on high schools in other states, and ADs at the college level.

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