Swimming Start: Angle of entry vs speed and power

Date of Award

Summer 6-28-2023

Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Coaching and Athletic Administration



First Advisor

Lana Huberty


At the beginning of each race at a swim meet, the swimmers begin by performing a track start on a starting block. Regardless of the pool length (short course yards, short course meters or long course meters) the start of every race in every pool is the same. The goal of the swimmers in any given race is to become the fastest person in the pool and to be able to finish first. In this applied research project, there will be an investigation of the best angle of entry into the water from the starting blocks to maximize the amount of speed carried into the beginning of the race. Both highly experienced and moderately experienced swimmers will be examined over the course of a few days, timing their swims to a mark at the bottom of the pool after diving in the water at different angles. The average times at each angle will be calculated to give swimmers the best idea of how they should enter the water to start out ahead of their competition.

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