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Doctor of Education



First Advisor

Dr. Fredrick Dressen

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Dr. Gwen Jackson

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Dr. Acacia Nikoi


At the end of every school year, new teachers either stay or leave public classrooms. Multiple challenges drive these new teacher choices. State, district, and local administrators struggle to fill teacher vacancies. New teacher departures challenge schools with the maintenance of an attractive work environment and provision of quality student education. This case study shares how five successful Minnesota educators apply extrinsic activities and intrinsic supports to not only meet these challenges, but effectively respond to the 2019-2020 onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through research interviews, this qualitative study analyzes intrinsic supports and extrinsic activities in relation to positive teaching experiences, new teacher retention, and student success.


This qualitative case study examines new teacher induction programs that serve novice teachers who choose to make a difference in students’ lives. Induction programs are professional development opportunities that combine local school and district information into various workshops and activities. These induction activities serve a diverse group of new teachers from different personal and professional backgrounds. Some new teachers are recent college graduates. Others leave corporate careers to teach preferred educational genres while others reenlist as new teachers by transferring from other school locations. Regardless of new teachers’ differing backgrounds and school destinations, school district induction programs provide new teachers the same customary information and activities. This sharing of information is the same for first year teachers as well as transferring or migrating teachers. There are multiple types of induction supports and activities necessary to start new teachers at their new school. This qualitative case study includes new teacher extrinsic and intrinsic supports and activities.