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  • Whole body and localized vibration therapy have gained increased use in the fitness community, clinical setting, and research
  • Efficacy as a modality option is yet to be determined


  • Evaluate the effects of localized vibration treatment (LVT) to the sacral region on shoulder internal rotation (IR) range of motion (ROM) and isometric hamstring strength


  • 50 Concordia University DPT Students
    • 28 females
    • 22 males
    • Age: 22-33 (Avg. 24)


  • Baseline dominant extremity shoulder IR ROM measured in supine with manual goniometry
  • Baseline hamstring strength measurements in prone using MicroFETTM (hand held dynamometer), taken post 1 practice test
  • Therapeutic intervention: application of LVT using the Hypervolt PlusR tool to 5 predetermined landmarks on sacral region for 40 seconds total
  • Post-therapeutic intervention measurements
    • Prone hamstring strength using MicroFETTM
    • Supine shoulder IR ROM with manual goniometry


  • Statistical significance (p < 0.05) was demonstrated for increased shoulder IR (mean difference 3.5 degrees)
  • Hamstring strength did not rise to statistical significance (p=0.09)


  • Vibration stimulation to neural dense area such as the sacral region can improve shoulder internal rotation range of motion.

Clinical Relevance

  • Potential acute gains in ROM and strength to allow for greater effectiveness in subsequent PT interventions
  • In sport training, LVT could be used as a quick and effective tool for increased athletic performance

Future Research

  • Procedural modifications may improve outcomes
  • Pelvis stabilization methods may demonstrate clinically significant improvements in hamstring strength
  • Incremental testing post LVT delivery to assess duration of effects



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