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  • 50% Amount of barriers to early mobility related to patient factors1
  • 25% Rate of physical therapy nontreatment or patient refusal2
  • Is lack of knowledge about benefits of activity a cause for these phenomena?


To evaluate public opinion on importance and safety of early mobility and exercise for individuals in the hospital and intensive care unit (ICU).


186 adults were recruited at the Minnesota State Fair in the University of Minnesota Driven to Discover Building to participate in the survey.


  • Survey
    • Adapted from previous validated survey3
    • 11 items
    • 5 point Likert scale
    • Established content validity for clarity and relevance with six content experts
  • Consent, demographic information
  • Cronbach’s alpha for internal consistency, Spearman’s Rho for correlation of demographics and item response


  • Internal consistency was acceptable with a Cronbach α of 0.75.
  • Overall response was positive towards early mobility in hospitalized patients (Median=4)
  • Responses trended towards neutral for individuals in ICU (Median=3)
  • Role as healthcare provider had no correlation with belief patients in hospital or ICU get better sooner with activity (r=0.15, p<0.05; r= 0.14, p>0.05)


  • Positive attitude towards early mobilization in the hospital
  • Neutral attitude towards early mobilization in the ICU
  • Demographic characteristics, including history as healthcare worker or participation in hospital physical therapy did not affect responses

Clinical Relevance

  • Negative perceptions of early mobility may not be a major barrier contributing to nontreatment in the hospital and ICU
  • Further research needed to identify specific barriers related to nontreatment



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