CUP Undergraduate Research


The History of Mary Eliana Grey, a Woman

Date of Award

Spring 4-11-2011

Document Type

Restricted Access Thesis


College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences



Degree Name

History, BA

First Advisor

Ceiridwen Terrill, Ph.D.


Inspired by the achievements and writings of Aphra Behn, the first woman to make a living in the male dominated writing niche, this thesis briefly explores a segment of the possibilities for aristocratic women during Restoration Era Britain. By following the narrative of Eliana Grey, a daughter of a noble royalist family, the story illustrates the challenges both internally and socially of branching out into activities deemed unfit for women in society.

The piece is creative historical fiction put together after many hours of research both on the genre and the time period. Throughout this process I learned much about style, mechanics, and the process of developing a written piece that not only illustrates a historical time period and social commentary but also is presented as an entertaining and enjoyable story; As much as we may want to preach in our writings, first and foremost, we read for entertainment.

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