MA IDS Thesis Projects

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College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences


International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA

First Supervisor

Dr. Linda Rountree


In today’s world, hazard preparedness is vital for creating disaster resilient communities across the globe. This is needed now more than ever, due to the increasing number of disasters occurring worldwide (Chafe, 2007; Nakagawa & Shaw, 2004). This culminating project researches individual and community disaster preparedness, especially preparedness in the higher education community, and specifically study abroad individuals. There is a void in the current literature on disaster preparedness for study abroad students; a community of students that is growing and could encounter more hazards than on-campus students. Through case studies of disaster resistant universities and a proposed intervention, this project provides a way to actively engage study abroad students in their own hazard preparedness. Disaster preparedness is extremely important and this research attempts to provide one solution for increasing individual preparedness in the global community.