MA IDS Thesis Projects

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College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences


International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA

First Supervisor

Dr. Gerd Horten


The aim of this thesis is to assess the benefits and progress that intercultural education would create towards peace building and reconciliation if applied in school curriculums in sub-Saharan Africa. With the support of published literature and in-depth research in three countries, this research will argue for interculturalism, through international and intercultural education, as a strategy for peaceful coexistence both in stable and unstable situations. The country case studies in this partic-ular culminating project will be Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Particular emphasis and stress will be placed on the importance of intercultural education in schools and how it will help students to better understand cultural otherness and develop personal enrichment. This thesis will also high-light the role of educational opportunities in a time of globalization in molding interculturally competent leaders. A proposed application for a intercultural education curriculum guideline will be developed and applied to the Kenyan education system in the last chapter of the thesis.