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Girls' Primary Education in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda: The Millennium Development Goals and the Divide Between Schooling and Learning

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Restricted Access Thesis


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International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA


The global community has emphasized girls’ education for decades, yet little has changed in terms of access and attainment. The second Millennium Development Goal targets universal primary education, for males and females alike; yet as progress has been made towards this goal, the quality of primary education has decreased. In this study, three case studies are presented from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, in order to better understand the connection between Millennium Development Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education, the divide between schooling and learning, and girls’ education. This study identified the state of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 2 in each country, as well as the status of quality education within primary schools in the countries of focus in order to address girls’ education. This research helps to understand the importance of girls’ education, not only within the realm of education, but also within the field of development. Results of this study demonstrate how critical girls’ education is for the global community as the Millennium Development Goals come to a close, and the post-2015 sustainable development goals begin.

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