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College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences


International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA

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Dr. Teri Murphy


With the 2nd highest fertility rate in the world and the 5th highest population growth rate, Uganda’s ever increasing number of inhabitants is becoming a hindrance to the nation’s ability to develop socially and economically. Despite the push for increased family planning services and sexual health services by the international community and national government, translating words into effective action has been met with cultural beliefs and behaviors blocking the road to changing sex practices within Uganda. Through conversations with the employees of Musana Community Development Organization in Iganga, Uganda, this research explores the complexity of the barriers standing in the way of an effective sexual health transformation in this East African nation. The results reveal just how deeply culture is embedded in the hearts and minds of the local people. The biggest deterrent preventing effective sex education is the gender disparity. Men, in particular, are reluctant to face their own participation in gender based structural violence. They are also reticent to see the need to become allies on behalf of the women in their community. Additionally, the research discloses the depth of the silence surrounding sex conversations with adolescents, opening the discussion regarding how to move away from teaching abstinence while maintaining cultural propriety.