MA IDS Thesis Projects

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College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences


International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA

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Dr. Gerd Horten


The Syrian Civil War (2011-present) is one of the great humanitarian disasters of the modern age. The unprecedented involvement of foreign volunteers in the conflict, the complex and multi-layered nature of the war, and the allegations of war crimes against nearly all participants have made the conflict convoluted and complicated. If Syrians are to ever move on from the barbarism of this war, there must be a transitional justice process that addresses the wrongs committed against them. While transitional justice is an ever-evolving practice, it faces unique challenges in the Syrian theater. This thesis seeks to analyze and suggest possible post-conflict scenarios for a war with no clear end in sight, which involves thousands of citizens from around the world participating in alleged war crimes. The Syrian conflict requires a unique iteration of transitional justice in order to instill and maintain peace, as well as deter future mobilizations of massive foreign fighter forces.