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College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences


International Development and Service

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International Development and Service, MA


All industries are becoming ever more intertwined with the global market, which means that the need for workers with a more globalized mental framework has become much more important. Unfortunately, in higher education institutions, there is a gap between students who have the ability to be in a school with comprehensive internationalized programs (internationalized curriculum, established international partnerships between schools, mission statement with internationalization emphasis, professor exchanges, and study abroad programs) and students who do not. Students who have limited access to internationalized programs are often low-income, first-generation, or returning community college students. This study proposes a comprehensive internationalized program at Portland Community College as a way to prepare these students to be globally competent leaders. Aspects of higher education such as curriculum, short-term study abroad programs, and buy-in from administration and faculty will be discussed. The desired outcome of this program is that students attending Portland Community College will graduate and be globally competent, and thus more work force ready. This study can be used as an outline for implementing a comprehensive internationalized program in many community colleges around the United States.