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Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.


College of Education



First Advisor

Connie S. Greiner, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Therese Kanai, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Ralph E. Spraker Jr., Ph. D.


The purpose of this survey design study, with a qualitative follow-up component of teachers’ perspectives, was to determine if educators’ assumptions about iGeneration students’ use of technology reflects the students’ actual behaviors when using technology inside and outside the classroom. The literature review highlighted relevant assumptions in regard to behaviors of the iGeneration students and their attitude towards technology from a holistic point of view. A survey design study was conducted to identify the interaction effect between teachers and students with consideration to different teaching approaches and delivery of content as use of educational technology per teacher differs. The methods of data collection were questionnaires, surveys, observations, interviews, and a pilot group with a validation process via triangulation, a process that aligns conceptual and methodological illustrations of human behavior when collecting measurable and comparative data. The conclusion provided an insight of how iGeneration students view modern day technology usage in the traditional classroom setting.

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