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Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.


College of Education



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David Kluth, Ed.D.

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Phil Brandt, Ph.D.

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Clayton Alford, Ed.D.


Christian educators and institutions may make use of an instructional pedagogy known as biblical worldview integration. This pedagogical instrument intentionally connects every aspect of the curriculum to at least one element of a biblical worldview to inculcate that worldview in students. This research study was conducted over the course of the second semester at a Christian international school in Thailand that implements biblical worldview integration across the curriculum. Focusing on Thai Buddhist middle-school students, research was conducted in three parts: pre- and post-surveys with students to determine change in worldview, parent interviews, and teacher interviews. While an analysis of the worldview surveys showed no statistically significant change in students’ worldviews, the interviews with teachers and parents contravened the survey data, and revealed some factors may lead to student change. Interviews suggested the greatest method in effecting change in students was a strong relationship with teachers. It is recommended that educators who wish to make an impact on their students develop strong positive relationships with them. Worldviews develop over time; therefore, it is further recommended that further longitudinal research be conducted.

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