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Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.


College of Education



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Julie M. McCann, Ph.D.

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Dan Shepherd, Ph.D.

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Jean Swenk, Ph.D.


Sustainability is a global concern; sustainability education is a logical and necessary response to that concern. There is very little research regarding the integration of sustainability concepts in higher education curriculum and delivery of instructional strategies. Sustainability education in higher education is a multifaceted phenomenon studied through a variety of lenses. The lens for this qualitative, descriptive single case study was curriculum design and development from the experiences and perspectives of a faculty involved in the process. The case study college was one of several institutions of higher education that responded to campus interest and expectations regarding sustainability education. This faculty took a unique approach in the development of the sustainability curriculum with a program that combined the study of environmental issues with education for sustainability in order to determine solutions. The faculty recommended an interdisciplinary framework that integrates the humanities with both social sciences and natural sciences to educators needing a paradigm for effective sustainability education programs at their higher education institutions. Data was collected from structured interviews, acquired documents, and researcher observations. Themes became evident as data was coded: vision, interdisciplinary framework, process, challenges, accomplishments, and recommendations. Key findings suggested that interest from faculty was integral to the productive discussion for the development of sustainability education in the curriculum. An interdisciplinary framework and adequate funding enabled the faculty to refine their vision and expand the department.

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