Date of Award

Fall 7-19-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.


College of Education



First Advisor

Floralba A. Marrero, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Lisa O’Neill, DBH

Third Advisor

Patricia Talbert, Ph.D.


For this dissertation, I tested whether Transformative Reminiscence Training is a viable alternative to facilitated life reviews for older adults. Facilitated life reviews involve structured reminiscence, which is designed to enhance the self-positive functions of identity consolidation, problem solving, and meaning-making death preparation (Korte, 2012). Transformative Reminiscence Training combines life review methods with consciousness raising. It is based on Paulo Freire’s critical theory (2000) and includes psychosocial, perspective transformation, and narrative identity life review education. Using a pre-posttest, randomized experimental design, I explored whether Transformative Reminiscence Training would result in (a) the completion of a self-directed life review, (b) increased self-positive reminiscence, and (c) reduced self-negative reminiscence over a two-week period, in comparison to a control group. The study involved 52 non-vulnerable community dwelling adults who were placed in either an intervention or control group using stratified random assignment. All participants completed pretests and posttests of the reliable and valid Reminiscence Functions Scale (Webster, 1993; 1997). The results of the Fisher’s Exact Test showed that there was no significant difference between the intervention and control group in the completing two-week self-directed life reviews. The results of the Paired T-Test showed significant differences between groups, with increases in self-positive reminiscence. The results of the alternative non-parametric Exact Sign Test showed a significant difference between intervention and control groups, in terms of decreases in self-negative reminiscence. These results imply an association between Transformative Reminiscence Training and increased use of self-positive reminiscence.