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Examining cohort effects of mate selection has occurred for several decades. Much of the research is based on Hill’s classic 1945 study Campus Values in Mate Selection. Hill formulated 18 factors important in mate selection. These factors have been utilized in several studies, including a recent cross-cultural investigation (Stone, Shackelford, & Buss, 2006). Marital expectations can be framed in an epigenetic model that includes the importance of an ideal partner (Juvva & Bhatti, 2006). The goals of this descriptive study were twofold: (1) to identify the factors important in mate selection to a modern cohort of college students and (2) to examine ideals and expectations as related to marriage. In part, this study replicated previous studies. It expanded upon such studies by examining participants' expectations and ideals as related to marriage.


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Mueller, E., & Pearson, B. Mate Selection and Marital Expectations: Examination of Modern College Cohort. Presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, Cancun, Mexico, April, 2010.


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