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Recruitment of TRADD, FADD, and Caspase 8 to Double-Stranded RNA-Triggered Death Inducing Dignaling Vomplexes (dsRNA-DISCs)

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Rapid elimination of virus-infected cells by apoptosis is an efficient anti-viral strategy. Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), a viral product, is potently and rapidly apoptogenic in susceptible cells. Caspase 8 plays an important role in the dsRNA-induced apoptosis; however, the mechanisms of caspase 8 activation in response to dsRNA are unknown. We demonstrate here that, in HeLa cells, the dsRNA-triggered activation of caspase 8 is independent of ongoing proteins synthesis (and is, therefore, independent of changes in pro- and anti-apoptotic gene expression) and involves the formation of multiprotein dsRNA-triggered death inducing signaling complexes (dsRNA-DISCs). DsRNA-DISCs contain FADD, TRADD, and caspase 8; however, several experimental approaches suggest that death ligands and death receptors (such as Fas/Apo1 and DR4/Apo2) are not involved in the formation of dsRNA-DISCs.


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Iordanov, M. S., Kirsch, J. D., Ryabinina, O. P., Wong, J., Spitz, P. N., Korcheva, V. B., Thorburn, A., & Magun, B. E. (2005). Recruitment of TRADD, FADD, and caspase 8 to double-stranded RNA-triggered death inducing signaling complexes (dsRNA-DISCs). Apoptosis, 10(1), 167-176. doi:10.1007/s10495-005-6071-x

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