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Publication Date

Winter 1-1-1993

Letter from the Editor

Here we are. The second issue is finally together, despite its lateness. Its lateness is an interesting subject, which in itself relates to what this issue encompasses at this time of publication.

During the week before finals last quarter, as we were finishing layout, Michelangelo struck, crippling our entire system. The day was March 6th.

Michelangelo, for those who are unfamiliar with computers, is a crippling computer virus that strikes on one day, disabling the hard drive. To top this, there was also another virus present to worsen the effect. We lost the layout due to this virus, and had to start from scratch. (I also began to be more religious about making backup copies and checking for viruses daily....)

Viruses were once simple creatures that were just an endless loop of computer pong, and easily correctable. Of course, in the wrong hands, computer viruses have become extremely lethal and deadly, causing more harm than ever thought possible.

Society in general is becoming more complex and the problems with complexity create larger and more devastating problems. Computer viruses are just one area where this is evident. We also see this at the governmental level where more bureaucracy creates more expenditures; diseases such as AIDS continue to be uncurable; university departments have become more specialized; armed conflict has progressed to the point that no one knows who is on the "good" side and on the "bad" side.

Society is fragmented. There seems to be two different views to every issue, and people seemed to be pulled into this polarization. Yet, the authors in these pages examine how to solve this split, or eliminate this split.

Winter must be the most depressing time of year, or darkest time of year, since much of what was sent to us dealt with dark, gothic issues, or dealt with issues in a gothic matter. Just take a glance at Randy Bush's "One Flesh" or Linda Pillifant's "Death By Mutual Agreement."

These are two themes that jumped out at me during my readings of the material, but it is also the last time to do so.

Since I finish my undergraduate work soon, I have opted to resign. This journal has been a vision of mine since I first came to Concordia almost two years ago. After hard work and many hours of lobbying, I was granted the chance to see a literary journal through. I hope the journal will continue to be a quality work after I am gone. Like a child, it is hard to let the journal go after seeing it begin to mature.

Enjoy this issue.

Managing Editor

Aaron T. Brown

Assistant Managing Editor

Bobbi Day (Prose Editor), Christy Fehyl (Poetry Editor), Tim O'Connor (Visual Arts Editor)

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Daniel Wright

Cover art by

Marshall Serna


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The Promethean is an annual journal of the College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences of Concordia University-Pordand. The publication of The Promethean is made possible with funding from the Associated Students of Concordia University (ASCU). The content is chosen by an editorial staff of faculty and student editors. The opinions expressed in the journal do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences of Concordia University. All works are copyrighted.

The Promethean, Volume 01, Number 02, Winter 1993



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