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Nash Ringquist, junior, recommends Lectures on Genesis, Vol 1-8 by Martin Luther.

"In these eight volumes Luther masterfully describes the circle of heartbreak and comfort that encompasses the lives of the patriarchs. And remarks how much of a comfort it is that the book of Genesis spends so much time describing the sins and mistakes of the patriarchs since this reminds us that God works through sinful beings who were no different then us. As he remarks: 'the 12 patriarchs, whose sanctity is celebrated in Scripture and who were the fathers of the saintly people of Israel. But in what enormous and outrages sins the devil involved them! . . . But these matters are set forth that the infinite forbearance and inestimable mercy of God may be commended so that no one, terrified by the magnitude and multitude of his sins, may lose heart or cast aside his faith in God.'"


CSP READS, National Library Week