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How does Native American culture affect policing and victim services? There are many contributors, including awareness and past traumas such as historical oppression and forced removal from homelands. Even though the people responsible for those actions are not around today, mistrust is still prevalent in the community. Ethical considerations must be incorporated into practice to bridge the gap with the shortcomings in the Native American community, such as trust, policing, and victim services. This is done by implementing utilitarianism, deontology, and administrative oversight. The inception of the Tribal Police is unique, as it started in 1800 and grew into modern-day policing. However, we are not all created equal, and Tribal Police have a unique set of circumstances that limit their community's safety. This is one of the reasons why high crime rates are on the reservation, especially those regarding women. Women in the Native American society suffer from abuse and domestic violence more than in any other community, and often go unreported. Because of this, cultural practices must be incorporated into how we interact with the Native American community. High incarceration rates among the Native American community are due to poverty and lack of recourses, and cognitive behavior needs to be addressed. When implementing new thinking patterns and traditional values, the author believes recidivism rates will drop, and individuals will begin to change. Overall, there is a unique set of circumstances surrounding the community, and they should not be disregarded. Origination should do its best to implement new practices regarding the Native American community.